I am a...

Singer, Songwriter

To capture the sound of heaven and release it in the earth!

I believe music is such a powerful gift, as it is something that everyone understands and it has a unique way of saying things that words on there own don’t have the power to say! This is why music is something that I treasure deeply and steward with honour - as I know it has the power to transform atmospheres, to set the captives free, heal the broken, unchain the oppressed, speak out a message - and ultimately - bring HEAVEN TO EARTH!

And that is the heart of my songwriting - to capture the sound of heaven and to bring it to earth! I pray, that as the Lord gives me the opportunity to share what He has given me through song, it will bless hearts and change Nations!


2017 - All or Nothing

2015 - Freefall

2013 - Reminiscent

My Story So Far...

My journey as a singer-songwriter so far has certainly not been an easy one! It's been a bitter-sweet journey of twists and turns, mountains and valleys, battles and breakthroughs... Since about 2012 - the past years have encompassed some of my most challenging and trialling life experiences. That, if anything created a raw, honest and transparent forum to write from. Part of these life trials were continuous battles with chronic illness, that often took a huge toll on me emotionally and physically which then drained creativity both from my work-life and music pursuits.

While recording my first project in 2013, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called 'Fibromyalgia', which can be a very debilitating and exhausting condition. This condition caused severe fatigue to my body and vocal cords and made singing very difficult. But I continued to press through by the grace of God and with the help of a good vocal coach - I got strong enough vocally to record my first EP.

Since then, I've still been battling  Fibromyalgia... But I continue to write songs and  get into the recording studio when I can and share those songs with you! Watch this space - there's always more to come!