Why San Francisco

How God called my heart to San Francisco

In 2011, the Lord spoke to my heart and said that He would call me to the USA in my future but I didn't know the 'where' and 'when' until last year! In September 2018, I ventured to the USA with Urban Praise (my church/ music crew) to go to a conference and also have an 'investigative' holiday. I knew in my heart that this trip was going to be more than just a powerful conference but also very significant in revealing God's 'where' and 'when' to me. Little did I know how this entire trip was going to change my life!!

San Francisco was the 'unexpected' part of my trip... My friend, Robynne - who I was yet to meet at the time - used to live in Melbourne and was also apart of Urban Praise, and had moved to San Francisco for ministry in 2016. She was apart of Urban Praise before me, so we didn't know each other but when I mentioned to my Pastors that I was visiting California they suggested I go visit Robynne in San Francisco.

And this is where my journey began...
god said go

God said Go...

With a burning heart, all I could say was "yes send me!"

When I first encountered the streets of San Francisco I was confronted by the contrasting collision of 2 worlds: one of a buzzing centre of commercial and cultural sophistication; and another of a dark, vulnerable world of broken people filled with much homelessness. Everywhere were beautiful streets filled with many homeless and drug addicted people, young and old, searching for hope, home and identity. As I heard Robynne's heart and mission and saw some of her mission field, my heart was moved in ways words cannot describe! I just knew I had to go and join her mission to bring God's love to the broken in San Francisco!

Back in Australia - I had a Holy Spirit encounter at the Awakening Australia event as Heidi Baker prayed over us. She prayed that God would reveal the places and faces of the people God was calling us too and all I could see was the streets of San Francisco! As she continued to pray over us, a very hot heat went through my body and I heard the Lord say "Krystle go"... and with a burning heart, all I could say was "Yes send me!"

The Mission

Homelessness . juvenile justice . sexual exploitation

My 2 core passions are for the creative arts ministries and the justice movement. God started to prepare me for these areas when I made my initial trip to the US for Iris Global's first ever 'Hollywood Artist Bootcamp' in Santa Barbara in 2015. The core theme of this bootcamp was to be equipped to bring revival through the media and arts industry and to learn about the justice movement. I knew God was equipping me for these areas - I just didn't know how He was going to combine them.

There are many parts to the role I will serve as I join Robynne's team in San Francisco and it will keep evolving over the next few months as we filter through the visa process and God ties the pathway together with us. But so far there are 2 main areas and ministries I will be serving in (for the first 12 months):

1. urban community dts - ywam

As I am seeking to apply for a Religious Visa, I will need to be sponsored by a religious/ not-for-profit organisation - this is where YWAM comes in. YWAM has a part time urban DTS that disciples people to minister to some of the most unreached, poor and marginalised communities of San Francisco. YWAM is also a longstanding ministry partner of Robynne. This will give me exposure to the nations and teach me how to reach out and pursue justice for the lost!

2. serving on Robynne's team

Going to serve on Robynne's team is the core reason for me moving to San Francisco and is a team I may be apart of, for the next few years. Robynne's main mission is working with at risk youth: mentoring them, seeking justice for them, and reducing the risks of commercial sexual exploitation, homelessness and involvement in juvenile justice, through providing housing. Part of my role will be to use my design skills in a business capacity to help Robynne grow her non-profit housing program called Turntable, that she has been working towards over the past 2 years. As a team we will not only be working to grow Turntable, but also be creating safe communities for San Francisco!
So in summary: I'll be using both my creative skills and passion for the justice movement to serve in San Francisco!

- introducing Robynne Jeisman -

Robynne is setting up a non profit called "Turntable", which is a housing program for youth affected by juvenile Justice, homelessness and commercial sexual exploitation. This involves building partnerships with community members, the local churches, city and county. A strong Partner of Robynne's is 'Old Skool Cafe' (Youth run restaurant and violence prevention program), where she coaches and mentors the youth.

journey of faith

This is a journey of faith

"Not one promise from God is empty of power for nothing is impossible for God!"
- Luke 1:37 (tpt) -

There are times when God will ask us to go places when it looks completely illogical and impossible! These are the times where our faith is stretched, our obedience is tried and we grow in our complete dependence on God's ability rather than ours.

Over the past few years, I've encountered many battles with chronic illness and financial difficulty. During seasons of being too unwell to work, life hurdles, and stumblings - I ended up in a very difficult financial situation. BUT I know that God is bigger than my current circumstances!!

So despite still walking the journey of healing from chronic illness (Fibromyalgia) and overcoming financial struggle (and not knowing how on earth I'm going to make a move overseas), the Lord has called me to trust Him and GO! When the Spirit calls you and you have a burning fire of knowing in your heart that the Lord is calling you, there is no other appropriate response than to 'TRUST, OBEY & GO'!

So here I go... Would you like to partner with me in helping me get to San Francisco? Read how below!

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