"It's in freefalling that we learn to soar"

Sometimes in life everything feels like it is crashing down around us, leaving us broken and with our hearts feeling like they have 'shut down without our permission'... Difficult seasons in life can render us feeling out of control. The beautiful thing is - God is sovereign and His radical, jealous love is always chasing our hearts!
In life we just need to 'let go and let God' and just allow ourselves to 'Freefall'... because it's in freefalling that we learn to 'soar'!


Caught on collision / My heart shut down / Without my permission / Like a door slammed shut / And threw away the key / Now it's gone missing / When did I stop trusting you?

If I freefall / Will I fall into You / If I freefall / Can You make my heart new , Oh New

Lost in emotion / Life dealt another blow / A wave of confusion / You followed me there / To the valley low / You lift me up again / Your love is so jealous for me / You call me to the edge to jump and be free

If I freefall  / Will I fall into You / If I freefall / Let my wings catch the wind / If I freefall / Who knows what You can do / If I let go, If I let go

My heart's worth fighting for / It's a treasure that You adore
I know You won't relent / Until You have my all for You


Performed by Krystle Svetlana
Music & Lyrics (C) Copyright Control 2015 Krystle S. Wright (APRA member)
Produced, engineered and mixed by Simeon Shinkfield @ Stratum Studio. (
Lead vocals: Krystle Svetlana.
Backing vocals by Simeon Shinkfield and Krystle Svetlana.
Programming and synths: Simeon Shinkfield.


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