So I wait... (Night ponderings)

June 21, 2019

Over my creative career, I've experienced some pretty intense creative blocks. Some I could push past, some I had a team to lean on and other times it was down to me and a cement wall that I couldn't get through. But one thing I have learnt is that without hitting a wall, there is no breakthrough.

Blocks come unexpectantly and for all sorts of reasons... trauma, pain, stress or general busyness. It's often out of our control and we don't always know how long it will last.

I've battled much chronic illness over the past couple of years which took a toll on many of my creative areas, most especially the area of music. Over the past year or so, I've had the longest writing and singing block of my life... I don't know how long it will last or how to unblock it but I do know it won't last forever.

Every dead end leads to a new beginning and every wall leads to a new breakthrough.

So I wanted to share this for any creative or anyone really, who is struggling with some sort of creative or life block in their life. I encourage you to do what I'm doing... just wait... wait on the Lord. This is a time to grow... hear... and learn. Without these seasons, we cannot experience breakthrough or growth... and ultimately, there's nothing to write about... haha...

So I'm holding on for the breakthrough... because when it comes - I expect a flood!

So I Wait...

"At some point I stopped singing,
But I don’t know how to start singing again,
My heart is better, but something’s still stinging,
Otherwise, why has a new melody not begun?

Somewhere the word-flow stopped,
As if I never knew how to speak,
Like a landscape photo that got cropped,
So the full landscape is left bleak.

Now the scene is left silent,
Like someone hit mute on the narrative,
Scrambling to find the melody of my heartbeat,
I slam on doors to find the reparative.

Left in a dead end, I don’t know where to turn,
So I’ll stay here Lord and wait…
I know my heart song will return,
But first You must open the floodgate.

And so I wait…"

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