"To capture the sound of heaven and release it in the earth!"

I believe music is such a powerful gift, as it is something that everyone understands and it has a unique way of saying things that words on there own don’t have the power to say! This is why music is something that I treasure deeply and steward with honour - as I know it has the power to transform atmospheres, to set the captives free, heal the broken, unchain the oppressed, speak out a message - and ultimately - bring HEAVEN TO EARTH! And that is the heart of my songwriting - to capture the sound of heaven and to bring it to earth! I pray, that as the Lord gives me the opportunity to share what He has given me through song, it will bless hearts and change Nations!

Singer. Songwriter. Worshipper

My journey as a singer-songwriter so far has certainly not been an easy one! It's been a bitter-sweet journey of twists and turns, mountains and valleys, battles and breakthroughs... The past 8-9 years have encompassed some of my most challenging and trialling life experiences. That, if anything created a raw, honest and transparent forum to write from. Part of these life trials were continuous battles with much illness, that often took a huge toll on me emotionally and physically which then drained creativity both from my work-life and music pursuits.

I wrote the songs for my first project, 'Reminiscent',  during a dark and difficult season of depression, within which, I found a path toward healing through songwriting. Those songs then became my victory anthems when I came out the other side of that depression. Just as I began the recording of these songs, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called 'Fibromyalgia', which can be a very debilitating and exhausting condition. This condition caused severe fatigue to my body and vocal cords and made singing very difficult. I pressed through by the grace of God and with the help of a good vocal coach, got strong enough vocally to record the EP. This EP is literally my journey through pain and struggle to joy and victory! All things are possible in Christ!

FROM 2015 TO NOW...
My single 'Freefall' was  my next release and it really sums up a journey of learning to 'let go and let God' and to trust Him in seasons, where it feels like life is crashing down around us. I wrote this song soon after a burnout I encountered early 2015 that left me completely drained physically, emotionally and spiritually and rendered me in a very unwell condition. This condition caused severe anxiety and insomnia for months on end - yet I was drawn to my keyboard and wrote this song with every last ounce of remaining creativity within me... I walked into studio soon after to record it. Although I was quite unwell at the time of recording this song, I was determined to have yet another 'musical victory' to share with the world.

Since then, I've still been battling with Fibromyalgia... But I continue to write songs and hope to get into the recording studio again soon, so I can share those songs with you! Watch this space - there's more to come!


My music journey so far...